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W.C 3.10.21

We have had a week full of super learning and hard work this week and I am so proud of all the Hedgehogs. Look below to find out what we have been doing this week.



In our Maths learning this week, we have spent the week ordering numbers. We have learnt two new words this week - smallest and greatestWe have learnt that we can order numbers from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest by looking at the numbers. We have also been using crocodile signs to practise ordering numbers.


Can you order these 5 numbers from smallest to greatest? Write them on a piece of paper, or a whiteboard and see if you can arrange them! If you want a challenge, see if you can order from greatest to smallest, and include your crocodiles to compare the numbers!

Smallest                                                                                               Greatest

     4                              10                                   8                                     2

     9                               6                                    1                                    10

     0                               3                                    7                                     5


Or you can go on this game to practise ordering numbers?



In our English learning, we have worked very hard in our writing! We have invented our own stories, based off the story of Zog. We each created new characters, new starts to our stories and new endings. The children then spent two lessons perfecting and writing their HOT WRITES. They were amazing. 


Can you tell a grown up about the main character in your story?

What did your character go to school to learn?

What happened to your character?

How did your character feel better?

What happened in the end?


You can even have a go at creating your own story!



In our Topic learning, we have been comparing the jobs in Ancient Egyptian times with the jobs in the present. We compared; what the pharaoh did with what the Queen does; the lives of soldiers in both times; priests in Egyptian and current times and the differences and similarities of farmers in Ancient Egyptian times and the present. We worked in groups and discussed in groups what we talked about. The post it notes in the middle are similarities and the ones to the side are differences.


Can you think of anymore difference or similarities between the jobs of Ancient Egypt and the present day?


We also learnt about the lives of Ancient Priests and we acted their daily routines! We also wrote instructions on how to be a priest too! Here are some pictures of the steps to be a priest from one of our groups!

Celebration Assembly

This week I awarded a SUCCESS certificate and two leaves. Well done to all those who received an award this week.


What a wonderful week we have had! Have a lovely weekend Hedgehogs.


Mr Armishaw & the Year 1 team.