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W/c 4/07/22

Well, what a musical week we have had in Puffins.  It involved Clarinets, flutes and some wonderful descriptive imagery settings work. 


The week began with the culmination of our year long work on the Flute.  All of the Puffins have worked so hard in these weekly music lessons. To see how far they have come this year has been amazing.  Not only has their ability to play the flute developed, but their singing and note reading ability has developed too.  Their performances are below and I’m sure you will agree with me that they performed amazingly!  Well done Puffins. 


In English this week we have been working on the descriptions of our imaginary worlds.  We have thought about how the objects in our classroom could come to life and what they would be.  We also watched a video that sparked our imagination for thinking about building suspense in an imaginary world story.  Some beautiful descriptions were written, I can’t wait to read the Puffins stories when they are finished. 


Maths has involved us learning more about converting units.  We have looked at both imperial and metric units and converting between smaller and bigger measurements in these different areas.  This tested our understanding of multiplication and division but the Puffins handled it very well. 


On Wednesday all of Year 5 got a taster of what it will be like to be in Year 6.  I hope it has allayed any of their worries or anxieties about next year.  I’m sure they will all do brilliantly, although we will miss them. 


We got a lovely treat of a bouncy castle on the field today which all of the children enjoyed. 


A little reminder for anything that your child may think is buoyant to be brought in for Science next week. 


Thank you


Stay safe


Mrs K