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W.C. 4.4.22

What a lovely week to end the term. The children have been working really hard this week, and we have done lots of fun, arty activities this week. Look below to find out what the Hedgehogs have been up to!



In our Maths learning this week, we have finished our Place Value work on counting up to 50. We have learnt how to count in 2s and 5s all the way up to 50. We learnt that when we count in 5s from the number 0, we skip every 5 numbers, and it will normally end in a 5, or a 0! We also found out that the pattern goes odd, even, odd, even! This is different to counting in 2s, where when we start in 0, it always ends in an even number.


Here are a few videos, games and activities below that you can do at home to consolidate counting in 2s and 5s!


Counting in 2s song


Counting in 5s song


Can you get the rabbit to the carrot by following the route and counting in 5s correctly?


In our English work this week, the children have been planning their own HOT Write poems about the UK. We went outside to think about what we could see, hear, and feel in a UK school. We then thought of the first line of each stanza, and then created rhyming words to go with that stanza. We then edited Mr Armishaw's work and helped him create the second line for each of his stanzas. We had to come up with sentences that rhymed with his. Can you have a look at his sentences below and use his rhyming words to come up with a sentence that rhymes to go with his first sentence of each stanza?



In our Topic work, we have now finished our unit of Kenya. We compared the similarities and differences between Repton and a village called Umoja. We learnt that Umoja is a village that is run by women and only has adult women, no adult men! We looked at the human and physical differences between the two locations and we wrote postcards to a girl called Lila who lives in the village. The children created some fantastic postcards and they were really informative! Can you tell your grown-up a difference between Repton and Umoja?


We have had a great week and the children are well entitled to a deserved Easter break! Thank you to all the parents I spoke to during last week's and this week's Parent's Evenings. It was lovely to discuss how your child is getting on in school. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch via my email at


Have a lovely Easter break!

Mr Armishaw and the Year 1 Team