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W.C 5.10.20

Hedgehogs, you have been amazing this week! Read on below to find out what we have been doing this week.



In our English learning this week, we have been even more creative than last week. Each child was given the chance to invent their own story. We firstly started by drawing story maps for our story. We used the same structure as the story of Oi! Get off our train. Can you tell a grown up what animal you used in your story? Why did that animal want to come onto the train? We then looked at a bad piece of writing and a good piece of writing that Mr Armishaw had produced. We identified what could be improved in the bad piece of writing and as a class we thought of sentences that could make it better. The children were amazing at helping Mr Armishaw fix his sentences. The children then wrote their stories. Can you write a story about an animal coming on your train? The work will be displayed on the Writing Gallery wall next week. 



In our Maths learning this week, we have been learning how to compare numbers. We have been mathematicians this week and we have been using vocabulary such as greater than, less than and equal to to to compare two numbers. We have been using cubes and numicons to show our thinking. We then also learnt about a few 'comparing crocodiles' in our learning! We learnt about the;

greater than crocodile >

the less than crocodile <

 and the equal to crocodile =.

We learnt actions to use for each crocodile and used them to compare amounts.


Can you compare these numbers using the correct crocodile symbol (<,> or =)

7  ____ 10

3 _____ 2

8 _____ 8 

4 _____ 1

5 _____ 5

6 _____ 9


If you can, try to write a sentence in words to compare them too!



In our topic learning this week, we have been learning about compass directions and we have been plotting a map of the journey from Oi! Get off our train! We have been looking at what direction the train would take and we have had some great discussions using north, east, south and west. We also looked at the really catchy song about the continents to test out continent knowledge. 


Celebration Assembly

This week I gave a PRIDE certificate and two leaves this week. Who will get it next week?


What a great week Hedgehogs, well done and have a lovely weekend.


Mr Armishaw