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W.C. 5.7.21

Well done for a lovely week Hedgehogs! We only have two more weeks until we finish for half term, and you become Owls! Look below for the learning that we did this week. 



In our Maths learning this week, we have started our work on numbers up to 100. We started by counting numbers all the way up to 100, both forwards and backwards. We then built numbers up to 100 by using tens and ones. We then also learnt how we can partition numbers into tens and ones, using part-whole models. We finally ended the week by comparing numbers up to 100 using the crocodiles <, > and =. Can you have a go at making part-whole models by using this part-whole model game below?


Or, can you use tens and ones to play place-value basketball?



In our English learning this week, we have finished off our unit on rhyming poetry and we planned and created our very own poems. We started by thinking of an animal that we want to write a poem about. We then thought of the first line of each of our stanzas. We then thought about rhyming words to go with the end of each of the stanzas. Finally, we created our poems. The poems were incredible and imaginative! The poems can be viewed in the Writing Gallery in our Hedgehog bay. To test your knowledge of rhyming words, why not try the game below to help you with rhyming words!



In our Topic learning this week, we have been looking at everyday objects and materials. The children had to go on a scavenger hunt to collect a bunch of objects around the classroom of the following materials; paper, plastic, wood and metal. It was carnage! We then learnt about other materials such as ceramic, leather, rubber, stone and water. Can you find an item in your house from each of the materials below;

glass, plastic, metal, wood, paper, cardboard, leather, rubber, stone, water?


Celebration Assembly

This week, I awarded a RESPECT certificate, and two leaves. Well done!


Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the football on Sunday. Our class country is Italy so I think we will be happy, whatever the outcome!


Mr Armishaw