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W/c 5th October 2020

Another very successful week in the Puffins class.


This week has been filled with drawing Astronauts, creating our own planets and learning about Newspaper Articles.


Within English we have begun our new unit which is Newspaper Reports.  We have studied and learnt a Newspaper Report based on “Lights on Cotton Rock”.  We have looked at the different features of a Newspaper, carried out drama focused on our Newspaper report and created our own toolkit for a Newspaper Report.  Super work!


In Maths we have begun looking at Addition and Subtraction and the different methods we can use to carry these out.  Year 4 have begun recapping Column Addition with regrouping and will begin to look at Column Subtraction next week.  Year 5 have looked at Column Addition with regrouping as well as Column Subtraction with exchanging.  A very busy Mathematical week.


In our Science lesson this week we have begun learning about how our night and day occur, why different parts of the Earth have different seasons at different times and why leap years happen.


We have also written some brilliant letters to Helen Sharman, a British Astronaut who inspired all of us very much!


In Art we have begun creating our own galaxy pictures.  We have “Drawn with Rob” to create Astronauts and also designed our own planets.  Next week we will moving on to creating our own galaxy. 


The Spellings this week are:

Year 4: Prefix ‘inter’ – interact, intercity, international, interfere, interview, intercept, intercom, internet, interchange, interface.

Year 5: Words ending in ‘-cial’ and ‘-tial’ – financial, commercial, provincial, initial, spatial, palatial, controversial, initially, controversially, financially. 


Stay safe and have a lovely weekend!


The Puffin Team