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W/c 6th February 2023

What a very busy and informative week we have had in Puffins class.  It has involved Children’s Mental Health Week, Safer Internet Day and some super abstract art.  Read on to find out more. 


In English this week we have studied diaries in more depth.  We identified the features of diary entries in a number of different examples to help us when we come to write our diary entry.  We also innovated our own version of Greta Thunberg’s diary entry.  Some of us imagined she was coming to Repton to do a speech, others thought about her speaking in another place on a different topic.  Some brilliant ideas and plans Puffins, well done. 


Maths this week has involved us focusing on equivalent measurements.  We have looked at mm, cm and m and thought about how they are all connected together.  Our multiplication and division skills have greatly helped us here.  Have a look at this True or False question with a grown-up, can you explain it to them?

This week is Children’s Mental Health week and the theme this year is Making Connections.  We thought about how we can make connections with other people in many different ways, how we are all connected and how this should encourage us to be kind and caring to others.  Have a look at the connections we made in our PSHE lesson below. 

Safer Internet Day was on Tuesday and this year’s theme was ‘Want to talk about?  Making space for conversations about life online’.  As a class we discussed how important the internet can be but also how we have to be careful about who we communicate with online and the information we share.  We watched the following video:

Talk about the video with your grown up, what are the main messages from it.  Remember: Stop! Think! Check!


Our week finished with us becoming palaeontologists.  Using salt dough we created our own cast fossils.  We thought about the process of fossilisation, how it happens and why.  Stay tuned until next week for what they look like. 


For anyone who missed it here is the link for the FAQ video on the Bushcraft website:  Hopefully this will help answer any questions you have, we will share the extra information we have on Monday at the Parent’s Meeting.  Thank you


Have a lovely weekend. 

Stay safe


Mrs Karamucki