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W.C. 7.2.22


We have had a lovely week of learning this week. It has been slightly unusual with Mr Armishaw not being in the classroom, but the children have adapted well and have been doing some fantastic learning with Mr Walker, Mrs Wain and Miss Clamp. Look below to see what learning the children have been doing this week.



In our Maths learning this week, the children have been learning number bonds to 20! This is quite a tricky concept but the children have done well to practise these by using numicons and ten frames to 20 to find and show number bonds to 20. We also learnt a song about number bonds to 20! 


Look at these pictures below. Can you tell your grown-up what number bond of 20 is shown here?

5 + ___ = 20



6 + ___ = 20




9 + ____ = 20



12 + ____ = 20



Here are also some games to practise our understanding of number bonds to 20; - Number Bonds to 20 - Hit The Button - Building number bonds to 20 on a ten frame. - Number Bonds to 20 (hard game!)



In our English learning this week, the children have been creating story maps of the narrative tale that we have been learning about "The Giraffe and the Elephant". The children have been boxing up the story into 5 sections, the introduction, the build-up, the problem, the resolution and the ending. Can you draw parts of the story and tell your grown-up what you have drawn? The children have also been defining some tricky words from our model text such as charged, argued, shocked, elegant and shouted. Can you have a go at choosing which of these key words would best go in the missing gaps in these sentences?



In our Topic learning this week, the children have been learning about the human features of Kenya. We have been looking at what shops, ports, farms, cities, towns look like in Kenya. Have a look to the left. See if you can match the terms to the correct picture and definition!






We have also been looking at some quite shocking pictures of Kenya. We asked the children if they would like to live in the city. We then showed the children some scenes of poverty in a part of Nairobi. We talked about why there was poverty in areas and what the conditions were like for those that were poor. Here is a picture to the right. How does it make you feel? Can you tell your grown-up what you can see in this picture?


Celebration Assembly

This week, it was so difficult to choose so only one person was selected for a certificate this week and it was for RESPECT!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Mr Armishaw and the Year 1 Team.