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W.C. 7.3.22


We have had a fantastic week this week - partly because Mr Armishaw has returned back to the classroom, but also because of our fantastic African dancing workshop! You can see some photos below under out Topic heading. The children loved it!



In our Maths learning this week, we have been learning how to compare number sentences. We learnt about how to compare an addition and a subtraction sentence, by using the crocodile symbols. We then moved onto Place Value and we learnt the numbers up to 50. We used tens and ones to build numbers up to 50. We had so much fun doing this! Look below for some pictures of our Maths learning! 

Can you play this game to practise your addition and subtraction skills?


Can you represent these numbers using tens and ones? Play the game below to test your skills!


Can you find the missing numbers from 0-50?


We have had a very writing filled week this week. After having a lovely World Book Week last week where we focused on the book "The Tin Forest", we have now turned back to the story of "Thie Giraffe and the Elephant". This week we have innovated the story by changing who helps the elephant in the story. We thought of ideas as a class and changed the character of the monkey to a pig. The pig helped the injured elephant by giving him an orange. We then wrote some fantastic pieces of writing about our new story! Can you think of a fantastic sentence that could go with our new story? Next week, we will be writing our own stories!



We kickstarted our topic this week by having a very fun day on Monday! We had our African dance session in the morning which was so fun! We learnt some African dance moves and traditional dances. We also learnt a little bit about the culture of Africa, and specifically Kenya. We then worked in groups to create our African dance routine. The children have been teaching Mr Armishaw all the different moves! Look below to see some pictures!

We then continued our Topic day by learning about the Maasai tribe. We learnt the language and the traditions of the tribe and learnt all about their lives. We then saw the jewellery and masks that the Maasai people wore. We then designed and created our own masks in the style of the Maasai tribe. They were all fantastic and you can see them all below. They are all displayed in our bay!

Celebration Assembly

This week, it was so difficult to choose so only one person was selected for a certificate this week and it was for RESPECT! We awarded a LEAF too. Well done to those who received an award.


Well done this week Hedgehogs. It is great to see you all again! Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Armishaw and the Year 1 Team