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W.C. 7.6.21


We have commenced our first week back after of our final half term! This year has flown by. The children have done some amazing work this week, so look below to find out what activities we have been doing!



In our Maths learning this week, we started to look at doubles this week. We learnt how to double numbers using our ladybird spots to help us! We then have been continuing our learning on arrays this week, but extending our learning by looking at how we can group objects. We started with counting a group of objects and investigating whether these objects can be grouped in 2s, 5s and 10s. We then looked at how we could represent these using addition number sentences and arrays. Maybe you could play a game with your family and get a domino and double the number shown on the domino!




In our English learning this week, we have innovated our model text of a letter to Mr Tague. This week, we have looked at deforestation as that is a current issue in the world. We have looked at the bad effects of deforestation and how we can help stop deforestation. Can you tell a grown up about what are the bad effects of deforestation? We then have written our own letters to Mr Tague telling him about deforestation. If you were to write a letter to Mr Tague, what would you write to him about?



In our Topic learning this week, we have been looking at trees this week. We started the week by labeling parts of a tree. Can you tell a grown up where the crown, the branches, the trunk, the leaves, the roots and the bark is on a tree? Maybe go outside and stick post-it notes on a tree to label it! We then looked at what deciduous and evergreen trees are. We went on a tree hunt around school and we used re-sealable bags to collect leaves that had fallen from trees. We then used a tree identification sheet to help identify the tree. We then came back into class to see if the trees in our school were deciduous or evergreen. We learnt that deciduous leaves are veiny, are not waxy and are thin whereas evergreen trees either are waxy, have needle like leaves or are broad and flat. Maybe you could go to a local park and have a look at the tree leaves to find out if there are deciduous or evergreen trees in your area!


Celebration Assembly

This week, I awarded a SUCCESS certificate, and two LEAFS this week!


Super week Hedgehogs, have a lovely weekend!


Mr Armishaw