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W.C 7.9.20

Wow, what a great first week that we have had Hedgehogs! You have settled into your new environment so well and you have been exploring all the different areas of the classroom, so well done Hedgehogs.


This week in English, we read our topic book called  "Oi! Get off our train!" by John Burningham. It is a fantastic book about a boy dreaming that he is on a train and he encounters different animals that want to come on his train as they are endangered. Can you tell a grown up what animals tried to get onto the boy's train? (CLUE: There are 5 animals!) We then have been using puppets to retell the story in class. 


We have also done a lot of topic work this week that links to our book. We have been looking at the animals in the book and we have been trying to identify what animals are mammals and which animals are non-mammals. Can you tell a grown up what type of animal is a mammal? We then learned how to classify animals into different animal groups. We looked at mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and even amphibians! We looked at some animals from each animal group and stuck them down in a table. Can you tell a grown up an animal that belongs in each group? We have done so much topic work that we even did another exciting lesson! We found out what a herbivore, a carnivore and an omnivore was! But we didn't just stick some pictures down. Some of the animals from the book "Oi! Get off our train!" had escaped from the zoo and had left 'poo' on the school field. The Hedgehogs were detectives and had to find out what each animal had eaten by using lollipop sticks to prod their poo. Can you tell a grown up what you saw in the elephant poo? This helped the children to identify if that animal was a herbivore, carnivore or an omnivore. Pictures of the experiment will be uploaded on the website very soon!


We have not done any maths this week as we want the children to settle in the classroom and we also want to see how much number knowledge they have retained before we start teaching. We will be starting our maths lessons in the middle of next week.


A great week Hedgehogs. Have a great weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you again next week. 


Mr Armishaw & Mrs Wain