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W/c 7th December 2020

We are definitely starting to feel more festive in the Puffins classroom this week.  We have put up paper chains and even sang some Christmas songs.  We had a brilliant Christmassy day on Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper day and we enjoyed our Christmas Dinner in the Hall. 


Within English this week we have thought carefully about fronted adverbials and how we can use them to improve our writing.  We also thought about what life would have been like in the Trenches for the soldiers in WW1.  We carried out an activity in Forest School where we dug our own trenches and acted out the story of the Christmas Truce with toy soldiers.  This really helped us think about what the soldiers would have experienced on both sides.  We have now begun writing our own diary entries from the point of view of Ray, a British soldier who was featured in “The Christmas Truce”.  Next week we will edit and improve it. 


Within Maths Year 4 have been recapping and consolidating skills that we have covered so far this year.  This has included Multi-Step word problems and the Compensation Method. 

Year 5 have completed their unit on Perimeter and Area thinking about calculating the perimeter using a grid and measurements as well calculating the area of a rectangle.


Science involved us completing our Conductors and Insulators experiment.  We thought about how we had made it a fair test and whether our results matched our predictions or not. 


We had the brilliant opportunity of taking part in an Archery lesson this week.  We believed we looked like a combination of Legolas, Robin Hood and Katniss Everdeen, I’m not sure if we did though!  The children all really enjoyed this opportunity and it was great to see them all do so well! 


Thank you for all of your Christmas Party contributions. 


Our Spellings this week are:

Year 4: Adding on the suffix ‘ion’ – expansion, extension, comprehension, tension, suspension, exclusion, provision, explosion, erosion, invasion.

Year 5: Words ending in ‘-able’ – changeable, noticeable, manageable, agreeable, knowledgeable, replaceable, microwaveable, salvageable, rechargeable, irreplaceable.


We hope you have a lovely festive weekend. 


Stay safe


The Puffins Team