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W/c 8.05.23

Another busy and fun-filled week in the Puffins class.  It has involved innovating and planning our own adventure story, adding and subtracting fractions and thinking about light and dark in our new Science topic. Read on to find out more…


Within Maths we began our brand new topic of the second part of our Fractions unit.  We have this week learnt about adding and subtracting fractions and finding a part of the whole.  The children have really impressed me with the information that they retained from our previous unit of work on fractions but also how quickly they have understood how to tackle these new skills.  Explain to your grown-up why this picture is True or False to show them how much you understand and impress them just as much as me!

This week has seen us plan and begin writing our own adventure stories.  We thought about what could happen if we found a magical box in a jewellery shop and where it could take us too.  We then used this and other ideas we brain stormed together to plan our adventure story.  We thought about each part in detail and how we could include all of the features of an adventure story that were included in our toolkit.  Can you explain to your grown up what is in the different parts of your story.

Our brand new Summer term focus combining Science and Design Technology has begun this week.  It is involving Light and Dark and all of the things that this topic can encompass.  We are going to create lots of super D and T projects this term which we hope to be able to show you at some point. 


We had a brilliant Stone Age cave painting lesson this week as well.  In a previous weeks Art lesson the children had created the background to their Cave paintings using sand, grass, mud and paint.  In this week’s Art lesson we painted our Cave paintings onto these canvasses.  There are definitely some Cave painters among us. 


We will be testing List 30 on Monday, apologies for the break in normal scheduling to our Spelling Tests! 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Stay safe and be kind to each other.


Mrs Karamucki