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W.C. 8.3.21

Mrs Wain, Miss Abbott and I have been so impressed with how everyone has settled back into the school this week. You have all come back to school with a positive, cheery attitude and we are so proud of you! We could not decide on who should get a leaf this week, so the whole class gets a leaf! Super well done!



In Maths this week, we have continued our learning of numbers up to 50 and we have been comparing numbers up to 50. We worked in pairs this week to compare numbers that were represented using base 10, numicon, number beads and ten frames. We used the <, > and the = symbol, as well as using the words less than, greater than and equal to. Can you decide what crocodile goes in between each of these pairs of numbers?

23      31

36      42

33      33

50      39



In English, we have been learning a piece of instruction text. We have been learning the instructions to defeat a fire monster! On Tuesday, we went into the fire school to defeat the fire monster by following the set of instructions. Then on Thursday, we drew our own story maps for how to defeat the fire monster. The children loved it! We have our very own fire monster in the classroom, to help us with our learning! Can you tell a grown up what materials you will need to defeat the fire monster?



In topic, we are going to revisit the Great Fire of London and we are going to look at what life was like in 1666. This week, we looked at what was different in London in 1666 to the present day London. The children drew pictures and looked at pictures of the past and the present. We then looked at what jobs people had back in 1666. Can you research what each of these jobs are below?

Gong Farmer


Rat Catcher



Well done for a super week Hedgehogs! Have a well deserved, relaxing weekend.