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W/c 9/05/2022

This week has been filled with all seasons as well as some Cricket training, so a normal situation for a Cricket match in England! We have finished another unit in Maths and the children have written some super Narrative stories with morals and main character talents. 


We have finished our Decimals unit this week.  We completed this unit by thinking about dividing and multiplying decimals.  We thought about dispelling the old myth that is the decimal point that you move, when in actual fact you are moving the numbers the correct number of places left or right on a place value chart.  Well done on some super Decimal work Puffins. 

We have finished our Narrative unit this week in English.  The children all worked very hard editing and improving their texts, thinking about all of the features that they had learnt.  These included expanded noun phrases and correctly demarcated speech.  Well done Puffins, some very imaginative stories. 


We were lucky enough to be given some Cricket coaching on Monday.  All of the children tried really hard and learnt some interesting new Cricketing skills. 


We have begun the Design Technology part of our Light topic this week.  We have thought about different shadow puppet designs, created some initial ideas of our own and then decided on a final design!  I can’t wait to see the final pieces when the children have created them.  I think you will be very impressed! 


Our PSHE lesson had an Art theme to it this week as we looked at ‘The Fight’ by LS Lowry.  We thought about what an innocent bystander was, as well as how important it is to help someone who is being hurt emotionally or physically.  That if you stand back and allow someone to be sad, that could be as bad as making them sad initially. 


The children have begun to create their Jubilee artwork as well this week.  As usual, I was very impressed by their artistic abilities!  Well done puffins. 


Have a lovely weekend. 


Stay safe


Mrs Karamucki