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W.C 9.11.20


In our English learning this week, we have been producing some fantastic hot writes this week. We have been writing some non-chronological reports about animals from the story of Oi! Get off our train. Each child chose an animal and then each child wrote their report using all the toolkit that we have come up with together. The children have produced some excellent pieces of work. The work can be seen in our bay. Over the next few weeks, we will be learning a new text called The Queen's Hat by Steve Antony - a very good story!



In Maths this week, we have been continuing our work on addition. This week we have focused on fact families, recognising that 3+5=8 can also be shown as 5+3=8. We also looked at how we can balance equations by representing it in these ways 8= 3+5 and 8=5+3. It has been a very tough week, but the Hedgehogs have done well to grasp this tricky concept.


See what number sentences you can create from this part-whole model below? There are 4 addition sentences that you can come up with!


We also looked at what number bonds are. Number bonds are two numbers that add up to make one number. We looked at what number bonds there were for the number 8, and we found out that there are 9 number bonds. We then worked out how many number bonds there were for the number 9 and there were 10 number bonds! I wonder if you could work out how many number bonds there are for the number 10? Can you write all the number bonds down?

Celebration Assembly 

This week in celebration assembly, I awarded a PRIDE certificate, two leaves and 1 wristband! Well done to those children who received a wristband.


Have a great weekend Hedgehogs!


Mr Armishaw & The Hedgehog Team