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W/c 9th November 2020

Well, we have had another packed week in Puffins class.  This has included testing our fitness, writing about Space and even pyjamas.


In English this week we have planned and begun writing our non-chronological reports.  We researched our chosen planet, carefully thinking about what sub-headings we would have when we began writing our reports.  Once we had planned our reports we also thought carefully about what extra features we could include to make our report interesting for the reader. 


Maths has involved for Year 4: learning about how to calculate the perimeter of a shape within a grid as well as without a grid.  We also thought about why it was easier to find the perimeter of squares and rectangles due to their parallel lines.  Next week Year 4 will start their new unit of Multiplication and Division. 

Year 5 have carried on focusing on Multiplication and Division, this week their focus has been factors and multiples.  Next week they will begin to look at prime numbers and square numbers too. 


Within Science, the children carried on with the Electricity topic they started last week, they have begun to think about what a complete circuit is and why certain circuits won’t work.


On Friday we all had a brilliant day wearing pyjamas or spotty clothes for Children in Need.  To carry on with the theme of the week all of us were Secret Angels.  Our task was to share an Act of Kindness with someone in the class to make them feel happy.  We have discussed this week what an important cause Children in Need is and how crucial it is for charities like that to exist.


The Spellings this week are:


Year 4: Adding ‘ly’ to adverbs - sadly, completely, wildly, bravely, gently, foolishly, proudly, horribly, nervously, happily.


Year 5: Words ending in ‘-ance’ – abundance, brilliance, elegance, extravagance, tolerance, hesitancy, relevancy, vacancy, dominancy, abundancy.


We hope you have a lovely weekend and manage to dodge the rain!


Stay safe


The Puffins Team