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We have made it to half-term! Well done Hedgehogs for an incredible, hard-working term. This term has felt quite nice as it has been a bit of a 'normal' term for everyone. I think we are all ready for a nice relaxing break. Look below for an overview of what we have been learning about.



In our Maths learning this week, we have been learning about repeated addition sentences. We also learnt about how to create and make arrays using resources such as cubes, counters and dinosaurs! It has been quite tricky but I think we have managed to crack it! We learnt new vocabulary such as rows and columns. Can you write some addition sentences for the arrays below? 


In our English learning this week, we have been learning our model text on persuasive letter writing. We have been learning the text by story mapping, actions and by rehearsing the text to other members in school! We have also learnt two new pieces of SPAG. We have learnt about the prefix -un and how that means 'not'. We learnt words such as unhelpful and unclean. We also learnt how to use question marks in a a piece of writing. Can you write a question about the picture below? What questions would you like to ask someone about this picture?


In our Topic learning this week, we have been continuing to investigate plants. We have been looking at our bean plants and some of them have grown by a considerable amount! We have been learning vocabulary to describe our plants such as stems, leaves, roots, flowers. We then painted some pictures of bean plants. After that, we created our own definitions as to what each part of the plant does for the plant. Can you tell a grown up what the leaves, roots, stem or flowers do for the plant?


Celebration Assembly

This week, I awarded a SUCCESS certificate, and two LEAFS this week!


What a great half term we have had. I am so impressed with the learning attitude, behaviour and work that the Hedgehogs have done so far. Keep it up Hedgehogs, one more term and then you are in Year 2!


Have a lovely, relaxing half term everyone.


Mr Armishaw