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We have had another great week this week and the Hedgehogs should be very proud of themselves - it has been quite a busy one! Only two more weeks to go until the end of the Autumn term and a few more weeks till Christmas day.



In our English learning this week, we innovated our recount of the Queen's Hat by changing the recount to become "Mr Armishaw's Hat". But we did not just change the story, we acted it out! Miss Abbott hid the ties all around school and the children had the job of trying to find the ties around school. The children loved trying to find the ties - we almost lost one! We then created a piece of writing based on the event of Mr Armishaw losing his tie. We then thought about our own recounts and we created story maps for our own imaginative recounts.

Can you tell an adult about what happened to Mr Armishaw's tie



In our Maths learning this week, we have been focusing more on subtraction. We continued to subtract amounts by crossing out and by using a part-whole model to help find a remaining part.

See if you can solve these tricky subtraction sums, using the crossing out method, a number line, or by using a part-whole model?

10 - 8 = ___

5 - 7 = ___

9 - 3 = ___

6 - 4 = ___

7 - 2 = ___



In our Topic learning this week, we have been learning about London Landmarks. This week, we had a go at creating some of the landmarks using materials in the classroom. We created the Shard out of spaghetti, Buckingham Palace out of lego, and even a Big Ben made out of paper! We thought about how difficult it would be to invent and build these big landmarks.


Celebration Assembly

This week, I awarded a wristband, a success certificate and a leaf this week! Who will receive an award next week?


A great week Hedgehogs. You have all worked hard on your nativity and the work you have done this week. I cannot wait for the party next Tuesday. If you haven't done so already, please can you bring a £1 in for party food.


Mr Armishaw