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What an amazing week we have had in the Hedgehogs class this week. Look below to see what we have been learning about this week!



In Maths this week, we have started our new unit of Weight and Mass. We started this unit by looking at scales and we learnt how to compare objects to see which object was heavier and lighter. We also learnt words such as 'balanced' and 'weigh'. We then had a fun practical experiment where we had to estimate and measure the weight of several objects in the classroom using cubes as our measuring tool. We measured rubbers, bean bags, tennis balls and even toy animals. One animal in our class weighed 82 cubes! Can you find several objects in your house and weigh them with some scales at home? Which one was the heaviest? Which one was the lightest? Can you order the objects from the lightest to the heaviest?



In our English this week, we innovated the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We changed the character of the giant, and as a class, we decided to change the character to become a phoenix! We then looked at features of SPAG such as how to use exclamation marks and how to use the suffixes -er and -est to make adjectives more exciting. We then wrote our own innovated story of Jack and the Beanstalk by creating a piece of shared writing. The writing was fantastic and it blew me away! Can you think of adjectives to describe a phoenix? Can you write a sentence using an exclamation mark? Can you think of adjectives to compare the phoenix and Jack by using suffixes?




In topic, we continued our work on the seasons and this week we looked at signs of spring. We went on a little walk around our field in search for signs of spring. We found lots of different things like slugs, centipedes, blossom, flower buds, green leaves and even a wasps nest! Can you find signs of spring in nature near you? It could be your garden or a local park! We also looked at how different seasons have different things happening in nature. We saw that Autumn had orange and brown leaves, and that the summer season tends to have bright, colourful flowers growing in bushes and gardens.


Celebration Assembly

This week, I gave out a PRIDE certificate, a leaf and a WRISTBAND. Well done to all those who received an award this week.


What a great week Hedgehogs, well done!