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One more week until the end of term. We have had a fantastic week this week, we have finished our Christmas nativity and it is ready for all of you to see! You should have received a parenthub text message with a link to a Youtube video. This video is secure and cannot be viewed by the viewing public; it can only be accessed by those that have received the link. Please can we advise that you do not send or share the link to other people or on social media platforms. 


Here is what we have been doing in our learning this week.



In our English learning this week, we planned our own imaginative recounts about an object going missing. The past few weeks, we have been learning about the Queen's Hat and so our recounts were based off the story. The children got to choose an object of their own, and they had to write about where the wind took the object and where did the object go. The children produced some fantastic pieces of work! The children were tasked with using time conjunctions and adjectives to make their work even more exciting. The work can be viewed in the bay area of our classroom.



In our Maths learning this week, we have been comparing number sentences. This has been quite a tricky week as the children had to compare not only addition sentences with addition sentences, but also addition number sentences with subtraction number sentences. We started by using numicons to help us solve each side of the equation. Then we used our crocodiles (<, > and =) to compare the two answers. Here are a few photos of our work this week.

See if you can compare these number sentences using < , > or =! Remember to solve both sides of the equation first, and then compare the two answers. Here is an example below.


5 + 3     O     6 - 5

8        >       1



7 -  2        O          3 + 3

4 + 2         O          5 + 1     

9 - 5         O          6 + 0

3 + 6         O          5 + 4

7 - 2         O          8 - 2



In our topic learning this week, we have been exploring all the London Landmarks in more detail, and learning about how each landmark is important. We played a game where we had to match facts to the landmarks and had to run to different landmarks. We then created brochures to advertise London to Miss McKenna to make her want to go to London. The children have loved learning about the capital city of London and many want to go to visit all these landmarks!


We have attached a photo of our tough spot which the children love to play with!


Can you name any of the landmarks on this tough spot? How many other London landmarks do you know? Write a list and bring it into school, I would love to see your work.


We also had a surprise visit from PCO Bob and Finn who came to visit Repton Primary School. They spoke to the children about keeping safe. They also entertained the children by pressing the lights on their police car and even played the siren - it was very noisy! The children loved to see them!

Celebration Assembly

This week, I awarded a SUCCESS certificate and 2 leaves. Who will it be on the final week of the Autumn Term?


A fantastic week Hedgehogs! You have all worked so so hard and the Hedgehog Team are really proud of you!


Stay safe and have a good weekend.


Mr Armishaw, Mrs Wain, Miss Abbott