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ReptonPrimary School


Week 1

For our first week back to school we have continued our Autumn theme and learned about bonfire night and animals that hibernate. The children are starting to hear lots more sounds in words, initial, middle and end sounds and writing them down with a little support.  We sorted animals that hibernate and those that don't and wrote their names; talking about what we knew about them.  


In maths we have been recognising numbers to 10 or 20 and counting out objects to match.  We also talked about more and fewer and combined two amounts to find the total.


Everyone has made some super colourful and sparkly firework pictures on the art table. They look great! We've heard lots of stories about the fireworks the children have enjoyed over the past few days.


We have also begun to use the balance bikes bought especially by the PTA last year. We keep these for dry days as they're new. Half the class had a chance to learn how to use them this week and the other half will next week. Lots of skllls are carefully being taught before we use them more independently.


Next week we will be learning about Little Red Riding Hood as we begin a few weeks focusing on Traditional Tales. We will also learn why the poppy is an important symbol too.


You should all find a slip of paper in your child's book bag saying what their part is in our Christmas Nativity. 


Have a great weekend.