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Week 1 - 23.3.20

Text for this week - The Storm Whale

Lesson 1 - Read the story of the Storm Whale and show children pictures (see PDF above). Ask children to think of adjectives to describe the whale and record on sheet.

Lesson 2 - Create a Missing/Wanted Poster for the whale. Imagine you are Noi and you want to find the Storm Whale, but you can't find him anywhere! Your job is to draw a picture of the Storm Whale and write a description about the whale so that people walking on the beach can look out for the whale. Use adjectives to write clear descriptions. Challenge: can you use a conjunction in your writing?

Lesson 3 - Writing diary entry from the perspective of Noi. Write about your thoughts, feelings and the events of the day you met the Storm Whale.

Lesson 4 & 5 - Create a newspaper article about a Storm Whale washing up on shore. Imagine you are a neighbour and you saw what happened to the Storm Whale, how could you describe this event to a friend?

(Optional) - Lesson 5 - Create your own book cover and blurb for your own story. It can be based off the Storm Whale, or you can be creative and make your own book cover up! I have attached an example of a book cover.