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Week 1

What a lovely first week back in the sun!  

This week we began our new topic 'Growing and Changing' by asking 'How do plants grow?'  We looked very carefully at a plant and talked about its' parts, roots, stem, leaves and petals and what job they did to help the plant grow.  We learned that a plant needs sunlight and water to grow and decided to test this with an experiment using 4 bean plants, planted in the same way, but all given different amounts of water and light. One we placed in a dark cupboard, with no sunlight but we gave it water.  Another went in the dark cupboard with no water.  Another went on the sunny window sill with water and the last on the sunny window sill with no water.  We think the one with both water and light will grow the best!

Can you tell an adult what a plant needs to grow?


We also read the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk" this week and wrote our own sentences to describe the giant!  

Can you tell an adult what words you used to describe the giant?


This week our maths has explored numbers higher than 10.  We have used 'ten frames' to make a full ten using cubes and then noticed how 1 more is 11, 2 more is 12, 3 more is 13 and began to spot the relationship between the numerals and the amounts we made with the cubes.  eg 14 is 1 full ten and 4 more.  

Can you make a stick or a tower of 10 and show your adult how to make another tower of 5? How many do you have altogether?


We also enjoyed a sunny, creative Forest School session this week - please see the photos in the Forest School section.


Have a lovely weekend! smiley