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Week 1

This week we began our new topic 'Our Amazing World'.  We learned about maps through the story 'Rosie's Walk', where we talked about the journey Rosie went on.  We used positional language, such as 'over, under, through, around, across' to describe where Rosie went.  We then made a life sized map of her journey, with all the obstacles she encountered.  The children loved following the path and going over, under, across, through and around the different landmarks that are in the story.  We then made a pictorial map on a large piece of paper to show what a map represents.  The children were really engaged with this activity and has been a good start for their map work to come.


In English we made a story map of Rosie's Walk and retold the story using that.  We have areas set up in the classroom to represent this story and the children are enjoying using maps and positional language in their play.


We also made a super scene of Rosie's Walk by painting all the things in the story.  Please see photo below.


In maths we learned about more than, fewer than and equal to.  The children are understanding this special word 'equal' means the same as.  We shared bread rolls with teddy bears in a picnic to make sure that they had equal amounts so that it was fair.


Talking of bread rolls................ we made bread rolls too!  The children were in involved with the whole process of combining the ingredients, proving the dough, moulding the rolls and baking them.  They were absolutely delicious.  You can find the photos on the 'Baking' section of our class page.


Please also see our Forest Schools section - where this week the children made an amazing piece of art work in the style of James Brunt, using natural objects found in our forest.


We have shown the children how to use Spelling Shed today.  As we have joined our very first Celebration Assembly this week, we know that there are leader boards for Spelling Shed and want to get to the top!  So please practise at home.  Your child's log in details are in the front cover of their reading records.


Please have a lovely weekend and we will see you next week.


The Robins Team