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ReptonPrimary School


Week 1

This week we have been learning all about what plants need to grow.  We read the story of The Enormous Turnip and imitated it, so that we could say the key phrases from the story.  We then drew a story map of the story.


We started planting out lots of seeds to observe throughout the summer term.  We planted cress and beans and learned that they will need water and sunlight to grow.

We also learned what the parts of the plant were called – stem, flower, leaves and roots and what those parts did to help the plant to grow and labelled pictures of a plant.

We also set up an experiment to find out what plants needed to grow, by putting 2 beans in the sun (one with water and one without) and 2 in the dark cupboard, (one with water and one without).  The children predicted what will happen to them all.


In maths, the children explored teen numbers up to 20.  They represented them on 10 frames, with Numicon and with cubes by showing 10 and some more.  They are getting really good at understanding that the 1 in 14, for example, means one 10 and 4 more of the next ten.  We also played a game where we rolled a dice and placed that many counters on a 10 frame.  The first person to 20 was the winner.  The children were able to see how many more they needed to make 20.



We enjoyed making and eating cheese on toast this week!  The children buttered the toast, sprinkled the cheese on top and put under the grill to see the cheese melt.  Yum!  Everyone loved it!


Forest School

We went on a minibeast hunt this week!  We also planted some wild flowers to encourage more insects into the forest.  Please see the Forest School section on the website.




Please continue to read regularly with your child at home.  It really is making a great difference.  Don’t forget you can also access extra online reading books on Bug Club.



Spelling Shed

Please support your child to practise sounding out and spelling their words on the Spelling Shed app. It helps them to use and apply the sounds they have learned recently in phonics.  This week we are practising words containing the “or” digraph.  The children score points every time they practise their spellings on spelling shed and each class competes against each other for fun.  The top three scoring classes are read out in assembly each week.  Let’s see if our Robins can get onto the leader board next week.



Maths Shed

The children can also access Maths Shed through the same site as Spelling Shed.  They have new ‘assignments’ which are games that explore numbers to 10, so please have a play!

Have a great weekend.