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Week 1

Welcome back everyone!  We hope you had a wonderful half term break and enjoyed the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend too.


This week we have been learning all about spiders.  We know that spiders spin a web from their spinnerets. They catch their food by catching bugs in their webs and roll them up in their silky thread, ready to eat later!  We made a giant web using sticky tape and put play minibeasts onto it.  They stuck just like flies do to a spider’s web.  We then talked about the fact that spiders did not stick to their own webs and wondered why this is.  We found out that spiders have a special oil on their feet to stop them sticking to the web.  We put a little oil on our own fingers and then touched the sticky tape web – we didn’t stick to it, just like a spider!


We also made Incy Wincy Spiders that crawled up a drainpipe, using a cardboard tube and a spider on a lolly stick.  The children painted their own spiders to add to our minibeast display.  It is looking fabulous – but we need to make more minibeasts over the next few weeks to add to it.  See picture below….


We began innovating our stories based on The Hungry Caterpillar.  The children made up their own minibeast character and planned what food it wanted to eat, ready to write their stories next time.


In maths we explored coins and found out their values by showing them on a ten frame. We then played shops and bought items for 1-12p using ten frames to help us see the values.  We found different ways to make the same amount.  The children were brilliant and had such a good understanding.


In Forest Schools we thought about the word RESPECT and decorated the Forest with hearts – using chalks and making hearts with sticks or stones.  We also hunted for snails as next week we will be learning all about them!  We found one and named him Bob and he will live in our classroom next week.  Hopefully we will find him some more snail friends!



Please continue to read regularly with your child at home.  It really is making a great difference.  Don’t forget you can also access extra online reading books on Bug Club.


Spelling Shed

Please support your child to practise sounding out and spelling their words on the Spelling Shed app. It helps them to use and apply the sounds they have learned recently in phonics.  The children score points every time they practise their spellings on spelling shed and each class competes against each other for fun.  The top three scoring classes are read out in assembly each week.  Let’s see if our Robins can get onto the leader board next week.


Maths Shed

The children can also access Maths Shed through the same site as Spelling Shed.  They have new ‘assignments’ which are games that explore numbers to 10, so please have a play!


Have a great weekend.