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Week 1

Welcome back to the last term!  


We are learning all about 'Minibeasts in our garden' this term. We began by learning about frogs this week. We know lots of facts and their life cycle.  We wrote our own fact sheets too. Hopefully we'll be watching as real frog spawn turns into tadpoles and then frogs in the next few weeks. 


In maths we learned to measure time in simple ways by counting in seconds and using a stopwatch. We had great fun challenging ourselves to do different activities in one minute, such as throwing beanbags into a hoop or timing how long it took our friends to bounce a ball 10 times. 


Friday was, of course, our trip to the zoo!  What a wet day!!  We had a great time looking at all the animals though and enjoyed a session in the discovery centre, finding out about different types of animals and even stroking Alan the cockroach! Big thank yous to Katie and Charlotte's mums for giving up their time to help us and braving the weather!!  Pictures are on our main class page. 


See you on Monday!