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Week 11- W/C 01.06.20

Maths Topic- Addition & Subtraction Consolidation  


This week, we will be consolidating our work on Addition & Subtraction. Although this unit has already been taught, this is a great opportunity to go over some concepts again and ensure that they are secure in Addition & Subtraction as they prepare to enter Year 3 in September. 


I have attached a weekly timetable for you to follow, alongside a warm-up activity, the White Rose main task of the day and some reasoning and problem solving challenges to complete. 


Below you will find a document with this week video links from the White Rose website. Alternatively, visit and click on 'Summer Term- Week 4' (as before, please ignore the W/C date on their web page as we are slightly behind their sequence of learning). 


Please encourage your child to have ago at the activities and try some challenges! I am more than happy to give your children some feedback on the work they complete and any additional work they do. 


As additional homework, it would be great to continue to teach your children to read the time on an analogue clock. The children were introduced to time discretely during school time throughout the year, and will be familiar with key terms such as 'past', 'to', 'o'clock' and 'half past'. The children were doing exceptionally well at picking this up! 


Keep up the super work Owls! 

Week 11 Video Links