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Week 12- W/C 08.06.20

English- Narrative Writing


Over the next two weeks, the children will be planning their own narrative based on the model text: The Elephant's Friend. The children will have a range of SPAG, comprehension and writing tasks to complete in order to aid their learning and produce a good story. 


For any questions, additional support or feedback on their work please email our class email ( I look forward to reading them! 


Most importantly, have fun creating!

English Timetable

  • SPAG: Choose a SPAG mat to complete; mild, spicy or hot. 
  • Writing: Box up the story using the boxing up grid provided. Remember, just put a few words into each section of the boxing up grid to help you.

    Parents: The purpose of this task is to show the children the importance of each section of the model text. Therefore, when it comes to writing their own story next week they will be able to section their text correctly and with confidence.

  • Reading: Read the comprehension text 'Trolls Trouble' and answer the questions. 
  • WritingNow it’s your turn to plan your own story. Use the subheadings to help you plan it. Once you have made your plan see if you can add in: adjectives, similes and alliteration.
  • SPAG: Choose a SPAG mat to complete; mild, spicy or hot. 
  • Writing: Use your plan from yesterday's lesson to write your story. Use the checklist to help you!
  • Reading: Read the 'Wanted Poster' comprehension text and answer the questions. 
  • Writing: Use the writing toolkit/checklist edit your work in a different coloured pen. Remember to use a * if you want to add in more sentences. 
  • Spellings: Complete your spelling test. I would love to know how you did! Please send me an email with you spelling score. 
  • Writing: Today, you are going to write up your final story, including any changes you made yesterday whilst editing. You can use the lined paper provided or use your own. You might even decide to type your story up! Remember to use lots of colour around the page border so that it stands out. Once you have completed your final copy please send me a copy or picture via our class email. I can't wait to read them!