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Week 12

This week we have been learning all about Easter.  We listened to the Easter story and learned that Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again.  We looked at how we may celebrate Easter – giving and receiving chocolate eggs, eating Hot Cross Buns, going to Church, egg hunts, etc.  We enjoyed an egg hunt – one where we collected eggs with instructions to keep our bodies fit, like jump 5 times or hop on one leg.  Another hunt was a chocolate egg hunt, where we then shared all the eggs we had found among ourselves, making sure we had equal amounts.  We also enjoyed hot cross buns on Friday afternoon's film afternoon for the House winners whilst we watched 'Hop'!


We enjoyed making our Easter egg cards (a surprise for grown-ups at home!) and carefully painting daffodils by mixing yellows and greens.  They look beautiful.


We learned about other special places of worship, aside to a church, that different religions go to.  For example, a synagogue, mosque and gurdwara.


The children made us all so proud when they wrote their innovated story on Handa’s surprise by following their plan from last week and writing sentences independently.  This was an assessment piece and although the teacher was present, the children wrote with no support.  They did such fantastic writing!


In maths the children showed different ways to make 10 on ten frames, using coloured counters. They then wrote a number sentence to match, such as 5+3+3=10.  They are really understanding the concept of numbers within numbers and how many altogether by seeing the amounts then recording afterwards.



In PSHE we talked about ‘jealousy’ and read the story, ‘I wish I’d been born a unicorn’.  The children all talked about how we can be happy by being ‘just us’.  We then played Pin the Horn on the Unicorn!




Please continue to read regularly with your child at home.  It really is making a great difference.  Don’t forget you can also access extra online reading books on Bug Club.



Spelling Shed

Please support your child to practise sounding out and spelling their words on the Spelling Shed app. It helps them to use and apply the sounds they have learned recently in phonics.  This week we are practising words containing the “or” digraph.  The children score points every time they practise their spellings on spelling shed and each class competes against each other for fun.  The top three scoring classes are read out in assembly each week.  Let’s see if our Robins can get onto the leader board next week.



Maths Shed

The children can also access Maths Shed through the same site as Spelling Shed.  They have new ‘assignments’ which are games that explore numbers to 10, so please have a play!

Have a great Easter holiday and we will see you back on Monday 25th April!