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Week 2

This week we have enjoyed lots of World Book Day activities as well as learning about how to keep healthy with a particular focus on looking after our teeth.  We have enjoyed playing in the dentist role play; treating our patients and carefully brushing the puppet's and babies' teeth!


In English we read the story 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants' for our World Book Day focus. The children wrote about the story and innovated on the characters, by changing the dinosaurs for another animal of their choice. We had lions, zebras and rhinos stealing underpants amongst others!


In maths we practised subtraction by using symbols on whiteboards.  The children drew circles and then took away a given number by crossing them out and counting how many were left. Some even recorded their working.


We really enjoyed our teeth experiment this week too, where we put 4 eggs into different drinks to see what they did to the shell (just like the enamel on teeth).  There was orange juice, coke, milk and water.  We were shocked to see what orange juice does to our teeth! Yuk!


World Book Day was fun!  We all came dressed as our favourite book characters and enjoyed lots of activities, like decorating pants! We also presented this in assembly with confidence. Every child read to an adult visitor in the morning and all week we have been visiting different classes to listen to a short novel throughout the week.


See you next week - which is science week! So lots more experimenting to come!  We are also learning about where we go when we are poorly.