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Week 2 - 30.3.20

Full Stops and Capital Letters - The powerpoint explains about when to use a full stop and a capital letter. Select level of difficulty of worksheet to complete. If it is quite easy, then try to do the next level challenge. We have been learning about editing, so the children may want to use a different coloured pen to cross incorrect capital letters and full stops. 


Challenge: Can you write me a story using only five sentences, using full stops and capital letters clearly? Send a picture of your story to the class email.


Making clear sentences - go through the powerpoint and then select level of challenge. If 'Easy' is not challenging enough, then go onto the Hard challenge where the children have to use the words in the picture to form clear sentences.


Challenge: Can you write one sentence using all these words; dragon, tower, flew?

                  Can you write one sentence using all these words: water, fish, deep?

                  Can you write one sentence using all these words: friend, skipped, school, morning?

                  Can you write one sentence using all these words: bed, sleep, night, tired?

Creative Writing - Go through the imaginative questions on the powerpoint. The pictures from the powerpoint are also on the worksheets attached. Children to select 4 pictures (they can do more if they wish) and write a creative answer to each one. E.g. How did the dog turn green? It turned green because all it ate were peas and broccoli. Their answers can be imaginative - but fairly sensible!


Challenge: Find a picture online that catches the children's eye (Pobble 365 is a brilliant website for pictures). Write a question for your child and see if they can answer it!

Lesson 4 - Creating questions, using a capital letter and a question mark.

Question marks - Go through the powerpoint. Children to write 1 question for each picture on the worksheet using question marks and capital letters. 


Challenge: Can your child write 2 questions and use a conjunction (and, but, or, so, because)

Lesson 5 - Reading Activity - Answer questions about a picture

Answer questions about a picture - Go through the powerpoint. Ask children questions about pictures on the screen. Children then have some questions to answer about a picture in the worksheet attached.