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Week 2

We have had another fabulous week in Robins' class.  This week we learned about the celebration of Diwali, the "festival of lights".  We watched a short video about it and read a story about Rama and Sita.  We then all made a diva lamp out of salt dough.  When they were dry we painted them in bright colours and decorated them with glitter and sequins.  They look fantastic.  The children also made rangoli patterns on large sheets of paper and mendhi patterns (delicate patterns painted onto hands.  We decorated pictures of hands, rather than our own!). 


In English we read the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  The children were great at joining in with the key phrases and could sequence the story.  We used lots of story vocabulary.  We then sequenced pictures from the story in our books and wrote a little about it.  Most of us can now hear and write the the initial and end sounds in words.  We worked really hard.


In Maths this week, we have been learning about the number 4.  We have investigated different ways of making 4 and learning one more and one less.  We have also looked at patterns of 4 in the environment e.g. 4 sticks, 4 fingers, 4 on a dice and of course 4 sides of a square and rectangle etc.  We have also looked at where it fits on a number line.  Along side this we have been counting to 20 and counting out larger sets during our play.  


Finally, thank you very much for supporting us and your child with Children in Need day.  The children all look fabulous and have helped to raise money for a great cause.  


Have a great weekend!



Children in Need Day