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Week 2

This week we have continued our learning about autumn and asked 'what changes happen in autumn'?  We learned about and observed the changes in the trees and their leaves and talked about how the weather is much colder, the nights are longer, days are shorter and animals are starting to hibernate. 


The children sorted clothes into autumn and not autumn clothes and then wrote words such as 'hat', 'scarf', 'coat' using the phonics that they could hear from those we have learned to far.  All children are hearing initial sounds in words and many are hearing end sounds and even some middle sounds too, so that is great!


In the forest we noticed how the trees had lost their leaves and how many had changed from green to yellow or orange.  There we so many leaves on the ground; it was fun to run through them in our wellies!


In maths we looked at the properties of triangles and circles and sorted them  We then went on a shape hunt around the classroom and outside to find these shapes.  There were lots!


We have been busy learning the songs for our Nativity this year.  I'm sure you may have heard a few at home!


We read the story 'Owl Babies' and the children made lovely owls from a variety of materials, such as leaves, twigs, feathers and googly eyes!  They look brilliant.


Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you next week.  We are looking forward to our walk around the village to look at houses next week.  More info to follow.