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Week 2

We have had another great week in Robins Class. Our topic this term is “Our Amazing World.”  As part of this topic, we are learning to understand maps.  This week we have been looking at a map of our school.  We went on a walk around the school to understand where the different parts are located.  As we walked, we drew a map to show the different parts of the school.  Then back in the classroom we followed our route on the map.  This enabled the children to picture each part of the map more clearly.  Once we had done this, we made maps of our school in small groups, cutting out and sticking on the different parts and then labelling them.  The children really enjoyed this and some children continued drawing maps independently during their free choice tasks. 


We also looked at our school and immediate surrounding area on an aerial view map.  This was very interesting and the children could pick out different parts of the school such as our classroom, playground, forest school and the trim trail.  We also talked about where we lived.  Well done to those children who learnt their address. 


In English we continued our learning about the book “Rosie’s walk”.  This week we innovated the story.  This means that we changed one element of it.  Instead of the main character being a hen called Rosie, we changed the character for one of our own choosing.  The children chose a variety of animals for their new story including a mouse, sheep and duck.  We made a story plan, ready to write our stories next week.  Next week we will write our stories using our new characters. 


In maths this week, we have been finding the total amount of two sets of objects by counting them altogether.  We used different techniques to do this.  We subitised the amounts in each set (recognised how many by looking at the arrangement of the objects) and then counted on from one set to the other. We then placed them on a ten frame.  This helped us to recognise the total amount. 


In our PSHE session this week, we talked about how we can keep our teeth clean and healthy.  We talked about brushing twice a day, morning and night and how visits to the dentist helped to check on the health of our teeth.  We also talked about which foods were bad for our teeth.  The children were great at offering suggestions such as sweets, biscuits, cakes, chocolate and fizzy drinks.  We all understood that theses foods had high amounts of sugar which is bad for our teeth.  We then talked about foods and drinks that are good for our teeth such as milk, water, eggs, cheese, and vegetables. 


Next week we will continue our topic of “Our Amazing World” and we will start to investigate a contrasting environment to our own.  We will be learning about the continent of Antarctica!


Have a lovely weekend from the Robins team.