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Week 3

This week we have enjoyed learning about who helps us when we are poorly. We've played in the role play as doctors and nurses and patients and had a great time looking after each other with bandages and plasters and our doctor's kit.


We have written information pages about what a doctor does and some persuasive writing to our classmates to make them go to the doctor or hospital after hurting their leg!  


In maths we practised our number recognition to 20, ordering to 20 and saying one more and one less than a number.


This week was also British Science Week, so we did some experiments! We made a rainbow with coloured liquid and kitchen paper and learned how the paper sucks up or 'absorbs' the liquid and how the 2 colours merge together to create new colours!  We also learned about diversity in the world, how we all look different but feel the same and used our cutting and folding skills to make some people paper chains; decorating each person in a different way to make them unique.


Next week we hope to have a surprise visitor! (We are learning about who keeps us safe). I wonder who it could be.....?!


Our Rainbow Walk experiment

Our Rainbow Walk experiment  1
Our Rainbow Walk experiment  2