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Week 3

As we continue our Minibeasts in our Garden topic, we all enjoyed learning about ladybirds this week!  We learned where they live, what they eat and about their life cycles.  We watched some real ladybirds hatch, change and grown into larvae, pupa and then a ladybird.  We learned a lot of other facts too, like the number of spots has nothing to do with their age and when threatened they release a poison from their knees!  They also taste with their antennae!  We decorated ladybird biscuits and made collage ladybirds for our minibeast garden display.


We also continued our story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Last week we made a story map and this week we innovated our stories, by changing the characters.  Next week we will write them!


In maths we learned about odd and even numbers and explored what made a number odd or even.  The children found that we could see twos or pairs in even numbers but odd numbers always had one odd one left.  We used counters, jewels and numicon to see these patterns.  We also saw that odd and even numbers alternated as we counted.


On Thursday we thought about relationships with others and ourselves on RSE Day.  We made pictures of ourselves and wrote what we were good at or what we liked about ourselves.  We also thought about feelings and tried to show different expressions on our faces to show these emotions; recognising what emotion others were displaying.  We made heart in the forest (see forest school section) using natural materials to show that we care for one another and talked about the differences between everybody, from favourite foods to eye colour, hair colour, skin colour and abilities and being kind to everyone.