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Week 3


This week we have enjoyed learning all about Antarctica.  The children learned lots of facts about it, such as it is at the bottom of the Earth and is the coldest place on Earth.  They learned that it only has 2 seasons – winter and summer and that it is dark all the time in the winter and light all the time in the summer.  We talked about how people cannot live there as it is too cold and no food or plants can grow.


We made an amazing landscape of Antarctica out of junk. We learned about the parts of the icy land called glaciers, ice shelves and icebergs and could tell the difference between them through looking at pictures online.


The children have enjoyed continuing their work on maps by finding Antarctica on a map and on the globe. 


We innovated a story in English which was based on Rosie’s Walk, where they changed Rosie the hen to a different character of their own.


In maths we learned about weight and capacity and did some super investigating, using the balance scales and used great language to describe what they noticed; heavier, lighter, balance and equal.  We also filled 3 pots of different sizes with scoops of sand as our partner recorded how many scoops we put in, by using a tally chart.  Super work!


On Wednesday we also had a great time learning how to ride balance bike with Bikeability.  Please see pictures on our class page too.


We made vegetable soup too this week, using courgettes, onions, carrots, potatoes and broccoli.  We then ate it – a nice warm treat on a cold day!  Pictures can be found in the baking section.


Please also check out our forest school section for this week for some fun in the forest!


Next week we are learning all about Chinese New Year.


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday!