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Week 3

This week we have been learning all about bees.  We learned lots of facts about bees and the children are all able to talk about what they know, such as bees are insects and therefore have 6 legs.  They know they collect nectar and keep it in their pollen sacs on their knees and take it to their nest or hive where it’s made into honey.  We made bees out of toilet roll tube and a variety of different papers, pipe cleaners, etc.  The children decided how to made their bees; what to assemble them with and what materials they wanted to use.  They look great!  (see pics below).


We also used the programmable Bee-Bots to move around the tuff tray onto leaves and flowers.  We also practised making them move across a map, making sure that we counted the number of spaces it needed to move and which way it needed to turn.


Our caterpillars are almost all turned into chrysalises!  We have put them into their butterfly net, ready to emerge into butterflies in about a week.  The children are still counting down the days to them emerging, on the calendar!


We wrote a fact file of our own in English, using the facts we wrote as a class on a large mind map.  The children wrote as independently as possible and wrote a few facts each that they wanted to share.


In maths we explored sharing.  We talked about the children’s experiences of sharing and they said they take turns with toys, making sure it is fair.  We talked about sharing things like sweets and the children said to make it fair they had to be equal.  We shared pretend sweets amongst the children in our group and discovered that some amounts would not share equally and some would.  We then shared some amounts between 2 teddies and talked about how we were also ‘halving’ the sweets.  We also noticed that the amounts that would not share equally between 2 were all odd numbers! 


In PSHE we talked about money.  We discussed what we needed money for, how do people earn money, what we could do to earn a little money, such as doing jobs around the house and what we might want to spend our money on.  The children had lots of ideas!


In Forest Schools we let the children choose what they would like to play and do.  We played hide and seek (1,2,3 where are you?) and explored hunting for minibeasts, making art with natural objects, making ramps and see-saws, chatting in the grass and enjoying hot chocolate and the story Bumble Bear.



Please continue to read regularly with your child at home.  It really is making a great difference.  Don’t forget you can also access extra online reading books on Bug Club.


Spelling Shed

Please support your child to practise sounding out and spelling their words on the Spelling Shed app. It helps them to use and apply the sounds they have learned recently in phonics.  The children score points every time they practise their spellings on spelling shed and each class competes against each other for fun.  The top three scoring classes are read out in assembly each week.  Let’s see if our Robins can get onto the leader board next week.


Maths Shed

The children can also access Maths Shed through the same site as Spelling Shed.  They have new ‘assignments’ which are games that explore numbers to 10, so please have a play!


Have a great weekend.