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Week 3

This week our class has smelled like a greengrocers and a café with all the lovely food we've been learning about!

We have learned where fruit and vegetables grow - in the ground, on bushes and in trees and have sorted them accordingly.  We have also written a list of what vegetables we might put in a soup and developed this into a text map which we learned to recall by heart.  We then wrote instructions on how to make soup and at the end of the week we followed these to make it!  We peeled and chopped vegetables and cooked the soup, then enjoyed tasting it afterwards.  Some of us even had several helpings! (see pics below)


In maths we have been beginning to learn about subtraction practically and by using the language less and take-away.  The children were very good with this understanding.


In PE we all loved using the apparatus - lots of climbing, balancing and strengthening activities which is great for our large motor development.


What a busy week - next week we will be making pizza! (and I do believe there could be snow!!!) 


Exploring and tasting fruits