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Easter - Revision - Week 3 - 6.4.20

This week we are recapping the /ear/ phoneme. We covered it in the final week. However, as I was not there for most of that week, I thought that this week we could go over the different ways of representing the /ear/ phoneme.

Starter: Phonics Play - Cheeky chimps - alternative pronunciation of /ea/ game.


Read the 'Phoneme Spotter /ear/' text with your child. Identify all the different graphemes that can be used
to represent the phoneme /ear. Write them down on a whiteboard or a scrap bit of paper for tomorrow's lesson.

Starter: Spell the words people, children, any, many.


Give chn a grid with all the different graphemes for the /ear/ phoneme. Get children to soundtalk and blend the words and stick/sort depending on what /ear/ phoneme is in the word.


Wednesday 1

Starter: Quickwrite, write the words shock, shower, machine, issue, rush, brochure, shell. Highlight the sound button that makes the /sh/ phoneme in each word. 


Play game underneath, word sorting /ear/ sounds. Then go onto best bet and discuss which /ear/ graphemes were the most popular, least popular.

Starter; Phonics Play - Play Reading Robot -


Then recap the /ear/ phoneme from previous learning. Let children independently sound and blend the words in the sentences attached in the link. Correct inaccurate reading.


Challenge: Can your child create their own sentence with two different /ear/ graphemes?

Starter: Play Phonics game - sentence substitution -


Then read /ear/ sentences, see if children can read without any support.


Finish with a spelling test of different /ear/ graphemes to see if they know when to use and apply the alternative spellings for the /ear/ phoneme.


Potential spellings

fear, near, clear, hear

peer, deer, veer

pier, frontier,

sphere, here