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ReptonPrimary School


Week 4

This week we have been enjoying pizza!  We all made a pizza, with toppings of our choice.  We followed instructions to make the pizza, cut the vegetables and add them to the pizzas. We cooked them and enjoyed them. Yum!

We also made a text map to recount how we made our pizzas and then wrote sentences to explain what we did. Some children are really beginning to write independently which is fantastic!


In maths we began subtraction, by physically taking away amounts of objects and then counting how many we have left. We have practised writing numbers and are getting very good at it now. Those 2s and 5s are quite tricky!


We loved making a giant collaged pizza on the tuff spot, using a variety of coloured paper and wool for the toppings.

We also enjoyed painting our own pizzas on the creative table.  We practised our scissor skills in the messy trays by chopping up coloured spaghetti!  


Thank you for your support with the cake bake sale on Friday. Many of you brought in cakes to sell and money to purchase some. The children really enjoyed their extra snack time of the sweet variety and we made over 300 pounds for the Australian Bushfire cause.