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Week 5 - 20.4.20

Starter:  Play quickwrite any, eyes, friends, once, oh.


 Then practise saying the /air/ phoneme. Play Phoneme Spotter. Read the Phoneme Spotter. Identify all the different graphemes that can be used to represent the phoneme and write them on a bit of paper for tomorrow's lesson.

Starter; Choose a game from Acord Adventures on Phonics Play.


Give chn a grid with all the different graphemes for the /air/ phoneme. Get children to soundtalk and blend the words and stick/sort depending on what /air/ phoneme is in the word.

Starter: Play Quickwrite. Words: cheer, steering, sphere, snear, fear, beard, clear, here, year,. Highlight the sound button that makes the /ear/ phoneme in each word. 


Play game underneath, word sorting /air/ sounds. Then go onto best bet and discuss which /air/ graphemes were the most popular, least popular.

Starter - Phonics Play - Buried Treasure - choose a phase 5a phoneme.


Then complete sheet, getting children to fill in the words using picture clues, and /air/ graphemes at the top of the page.


Challenge: Can your child read these sentences that contain the /air/ phoneme. Get children to highlight the /air/ in a different colour, each time they see a new grapheme.

Starter - Play Tricky Word Trucks on Phonics Pay -


Then ggive children colouring sheet - children to colour the words based on what /air/ phoneme is in the word.


Then give chn list of words to spell with different /air/ graphemes.




bear, wear, pear

dare, share, mare, care, scared, hare.