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Week 4

The Robins have enjoyed a fun-filled week surrounding the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears!  We have loved getting messy with porridge; pouring it, measuring it, squishing it, stirring it...….

In English we have written a sorry letter to the 3 bears from Goldilocks.  We have also made Goldilocks at the creative area with paper plates and a variety of materials such as wool for her hair.  In maths we have learned about size and capacity and language used to compare such as largest, bigger, smallest, less and more.  We have also used all sorts of construction to make chairs for the 3 bears; working together as a group and testing them for use.


This week has also been busy due to practising the Nativity.  All children are super at singing the songs and most costumes are now in - so thank you very much indeed for those.  Please help your child to learn their words at home.  Shouting from one room to a person in another is a great way to get that voice loud enough!  Thank you.


Shortly, we will be sending home a log in for Mathletics.  Please keep this log-in safe and encourage your child to use Mathletics at home - it's great fun.


Reception Team