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Week 4

Hello Everyone!


As usual, we have had such a busy week.  This week we based our learning around the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We listened to the story and all joined in with the repeating parts (of which there are many).  We had great fun putting on the voices for the different characters.  For our writing task this week, we showed empathy for the characters in the story, namely baby bear who was very upset that Goldilocks had eaten his porridge, broken his chair and slept in his bed.  The children decided that Goldilocks would be feeling very sorry for her actions and would want to apologise to the three bears.  We therefore wrote a sorry letter from Goldilocks to the three bears.  The children verbalised their sentences and then tried hard to sound out each word.  They are now starting to hear more of the sounds in the words and can put them together in right order, with support.  


Spelling Shed and Maths Shed


Spelling Shed has been a huge success too.  The children have eagerly talked about how they have practised with this at home.  This will really help them to blend and segment the sounds in words for reading and writing.  


Maths Shed.  The children can also access an app called Maths Shed through the same log-in as Spelling Shed.  Once in Spelling Shed click on the section entitled "Maths Shed".  I have attached the link for you too.

Once in Maths Shed, click on the "Reception" tab and "Autumn".  Here you will find lots of Maths based games appropriate to the level of learning for our children.  I know some children have already found this link and have played the games, scoring points.  So much so that our Robins class came first this week on the class leader board.  So well done Robins.  Keep practising!!


In Maths this week, alongside counting and recognising numbers, we have been ordering objects according to their size (keeping within the theme of Godlilocks and the Three Bears).  


Christmas Concert


Due to the unusual circumstances this year, we will not be putting on a full Christmas Nativity play.  However we are learning lots of songs connected to the Nativity and in the final week of term, we will perform our concert and video it.  We will then make it available for all of our Robins' parents to view, so as parents you will not miss out too much this year.  The children are really enjoying learning the songs and you may well have heard a few at home by now!


Mrs Tarrant


Mrs Tarrant is doing well at home and is making a good recovery.  The children all made her a class "get well soon" card this week.  Mrs Riley and Mrs Mills took gifts and cards to Mrs Tarrant after school on Wednesday and she was delighted to receive them.  She sends a big thank you to all the children for thinking about her. 


Mrs Roberts has settled in well and is really enjoying teaching the children in Mrs Tarrant's absence. 


Have a lovely weekend.  Next week we are learning about Hansel and Gretel so we are looking forward to that.