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Week 4

Another super week in Robins Class.  We have asked the question - 'what do bees do?' this week and our learning has been focussed on answering that question for a lot of the time.  We observed bees in forest schools and on videos and watched them in slow motion as they collected nectar and stored them in their pollen sacs on their legs.  It's amazing to see how fast a bee moves its' wings!  


We made bees using toilet roll tubes and other media for our minibeast garden display, which is looking so full now!  We also did some relaxing bee breathing, when we hummed as we breathed out, sitting nice and still.  It was a lovely way to calm down after a busy lunch time!  We made and ate honey sandwiches - yummy!


One of the most exciting things of all happened this week when our eggs began to hatch!  We now have 6 of the 13 eggs hatched and the chicks are so cute!  We all held one and I will put the videos and photos on this class page.


We continued our innovated stories about the Very Hungry Caterpillar which we planned last week.  We had lots of lovely independent writing about hungry bees, spiders and all sorts of other minibeasts!  The children did their best to show how they can write without support this week, and we were so impressed!


In maths we practised addition on a 10 frame as well as recording our calculations by writing sums.  The children are doing very well with this.  


In forest schools we had a minibeast hunt! Please see that section of our class page for photos.  Have a lovely weekend and we'll see most of you next week!