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Week 4

This week we have learned all about what toys were like long ago, compared to now.  We explored some toys from the past and enjoyed looking at them and talking about what they were and how they were used.  We all brought in our favourite toys from home and talked about them, what they were made of and how we played with them.  We took a photo of ourselves playing with them and all painted a picture of our toys!  They look great.


In maths we learned about sorting.  We all looked at shapes and patterns of buttons after reading 'The Button Box' and sorted them in different ways - by colour, shape and number of holes.  We also enjoyed pairing up socks and pegging them to a washing line; making sure they were matched with their pair by carefully checking the patterns and colours.


We have begun learning sounds in phonics this week, starting with s,a,t,p.  The children have learned the action to go with the sounds and we had a go at trying to blend them to make words - sat, tap, pat, as and at.  

We loved baking apple crumble this week too. We picked the apples from the tree by our playground and peeled, chopped and put them in a tray. We made crumble mixture using flour, sugar and butter and cooked them in the oven before enjoying them!  Everyone tried it and most ate every crumb - delicious!


We also enjoyed squiggle while you wiggle this week, where we used our squiggle scarfs to make large movements with our arms, waving them around in circles, up and down and across our bodies to the music.  Great fun! (and a great activity to develop our letter formation later on).


Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!