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Week 4

This week we have been learning all about ladybirds.  We learned lots of facts about them and the children are all able to talk about what they know, such as what they eat, that they can be all sorts of different colours, they use their feet to smell and their antennae to taste and feel!   We made ladybirds out of a variety of media including small paper bowls, painted red and added spots and eyes, legs and antennae.  We also decorated ladybird biscuits!  We decorated biscuits with red and black icing and chocolate drops for spots!  They look fab.


Our caterpillars are beginning to hatch – on the very day we had expected on our calendar.   Not all chrysalis seem to be hatching, but we may get one or two more over the weekend  We will feed them on fruit and release them early next week. 


We wrote facts about ladybirds this week by reading questions, sticking them in our books and then writing the answers independently.  We checked our information materials to make sure we found the right answer.


In maths we explored odd and even numbers.  We learned that even numbers are able to group into twos.  Odd numbers always have an odd one left over.  We sorted ourselves into twos and discovered that on Thursday we had an odd number of children in school.  We had 15, so could not all be in a two.  We used numicon shapes to see the pairs of twos in the number and the odd one left when the number was odd.  We sorted odds and evens and also explored the amounts on 10 frames. 


In PSHE we talked about the facts that sometimes we can’t always have what we would like.  We talked about situations where we may have not got what we wanted and how that made us feel. We role played with a puppet who wanted everything he saw when he went shopping and got angry when he couldn’t.  The children talked about how the puppet was behaving and helped him to understand that he couldn’t have everything and why. 


In Forest Schools we made homes for our PebbleBeasts!  Please see the Forest School section for pictures.



Please continue to read regularly with your child at home.  It really is making a great difference.  Don’t forget you can also access extra online reading books on Bug Club.


Spelling Shed

Please support your child to practise sounding out and spelling their words on the Spelling Shed app. It helps them to use and apply the sounds they have learned recently in phonics.  The children score points every time they practise their spellings on spelling shed and each class competes against each other for fun.  The top three scoring classes are read out in assembly each week.  Let’s see if our Robins can get onto the leader board next week.


Maths Shed

The children can also access Maths Shed through the same site as Spelling Shed.  They have new ‘assignments’ which are games that explore numbers to 10, so please have a play!


Have a great weekend.


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