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Week 4

This week has been a busy week in Robins Class.  We have read the story "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?" and drew something we can see in the story such as a 'blue horse'.  The children have had a go at hearing the initial sounds of those words and trying to write them, with some support. 


We also enjoyed the book 'Elmer' and had a great time painting our own Elmer elephants with all sorts of colours and patterns.  They look fantastic parading across our classroom ceiling!  We also learned about the Indian Holi Festival where the elephants parade through the streets in their bright colours. The children thought it would be great to independently draw around an elephant stencil and decorate with all sort of colours and patterns, then cut out.  Fabulous independent learning Robins!


Continuing our colour theme, the children have made colour collages where we were able to assess the children's ability to name colours as well as sort them.  Our classroom is pretty full of colour now!


In maths we have practised our counting to 10 skills and learning how to count objects carefully by touching each one as we count.  This is a skill that could easily be practised at home and opportunities to do so are always at hand.  Please practise this skill when you can, it will really help.


On Thursday we celebrated European Day of Languages by learning all about Poland.  Nina and Rusty brought in some foods to smell, touch and taste. Yummy!  Thank you so much for those. We all enjoyed looking at Nina's photos of her holidays to visit family in Poland and she taught us lots of words!!  The children enjoyed making flags and dancing to the Polish music with instruments!


Next week we shall have our first forest school session so please make sure your child has their named wellies and a waterproof all-in-one in school before Thursday.  Hopefully the rain will have gone and we won't get wet!


Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


The EYFS Team